Frequently Asked Questions

About Paper
At Papermint, we love paper. We believe in a sustainable earth and only source from environmentally friendly suppliers. Our team has hand-selected the most beautiful papers, sourced from USA, Italy and Great Britain, to showcase your designs. Please check out our paper pages to view our paper selections. While you're browsing designs, the paper choices and the corresponding prices for an item will be listed on the item's detail page. We aren't able to print an item on a different paper type or weight than what's listed.

The dimensions for all our products are listed below:
Of course you can! There’s no substitute for seeing and touching the paper yourself. That’s why we recommend you to order our Sample Kit to get a firsthand experience of our design collections. We’ll even reimburse your first Sample Kit purchase if you decide to order our products.
Here are the goodies you’ll find inside:

Papers and finishings swatch book
Featuring a selection of paper stocks, weights, and textures with different finishing types applied.

Envelope samples
For a preview of the variety of stock paper available.

Foil samples
For a preview of the variety of stock foil available.
Browsing our wide collection can be overwhelming. The best way to quickly narrow down your search is to use the filter. From there, you can sort by category and can pinpoint exactly what you like. Don’t forget to click ‘Apply Filter’ to apply the selected filter setting.
If you can't find something you like you can always use our Make a request feature

The best way to help decide is to add the ones you like to “My Favourites” by clicking the heart shaped icon located under the product’s details. You can also share the design with friends and family to get their opinions by tapping the Share button located next to the heart icon.

To access My Favourites, tap on the heart icon in the navigation bar or go to My Account.
Searching for matching stationery is simple. There are a couple of ways to do so:
  1. Every time you browse a design, the matching suite will be listed below the item you are viewing.
  2. Type the name of a specific suite in the search bar.

Tip: Save any items you like by clicking the Favourite button (). That way, you have easy access to your favourites in your account.
Please use our Make a request service and we will help you create a design you’ll love. Our consultant will later contact you to progress forward with a quotation. Note: the best way to communicate is through visual references. You may upload images or provide us with reference website links.
As long as you are logged in, you can save the design halfway. Later on, you can continue by going to My Account, under the Saved Progress section.
You can provide us with images of your wedding theme, venue, gown and so on. Our consultant will help by suggesting the most appropriate design to match your theme! Please supply the material here (Make a Request.)
Placing an Order
We understand that promotional offers are simply too good to miss. Buy Now, Design Later lets you take advantage of a promotional offer, even if you're not ready to design and print your cards.

Apply any special offers to your order total during checkout, directly located just under your payment options. You may only use one promo code per order.

Single-use promo codes can only be used once, whereas general promo codes can be used multiple times.
Like most online shopping, you will be asked to submit a valid method of payment during checkout. Once payment is complete, we will begin the digital proofing stage (unless you’ve opt for Buy Now, Design Later).
Yes, the sky's the limit. If you need more than the website can offer please get in touch with us via email.

We only accept Paypal for now, but we are working on other payment methods for your convenience.
We understand that something might happen or you change your mind. You will be able to cancel your order or line item (part of your order) directly from your account.

Papermint divides the cancellation policy into three different stages:

First Stage: Paid order
If you have paid for your order and the status is under review, there is no cancellation fee.

Second Stage: During Design Proofing
When you are in the middle of the design approval stage or just signed off the work for production, the cancellation fee will be:

AUD 100 if you cancel everything ( the entire stationery suite) AUD 20 if you cancel a portion of your order (e.g. only RSVP from your stationery suite)

Third Stage: During production
If your order has gone to production and you need to cancel it, please immediately contact our consultant to see what options are available. Since each item might be on a different stage of production, we cannot determine what the cancellation fee would be. We will do our best to ensure you get most of the refund.

We'll issue the refund right away, but it may take up to 10 or 12 business days before it get reflected in your account.
During checkout, right underneath your order, there is a box to input the promo code.
You can use multiple promocode per order. To maximise discounts, we recommend that you mix a promo code with our general promo (bulk discount etc).

Please note that some promo codes only work on certain items.
Unfortunately, if you misplace the promo code we are unable to help track it down. The best way is to sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss a thing!
Changing an Order
Of course you can! But you need to place the changes (and pay the additional charges if required) before we start printing. Simply go to My Account and then follow the steps below.
Any difference in pricing will be charged or refunded. Please check refund policy on this link
Did you miscalculate the number of cards you need and now require more printed materials? No need to worry, we can help you with that.

If the items are in printing status (not been delivered), you can increase the quantity of the prints by going to my account. Once you confirm the quantity you will receive an invoice to be paid within 24 hours. Please settle the invoice as soon as possible, otherwise the system will consider your request to be invalid. Depending on what state the production is on, there is a possibility that there will delay on the finish date, especially if the request came at the late state of production.
If you required more items after your products have been delivered. You can go my account and enquire to us about it. However when re-ordering, the system will consider this as a new invoice and you won’t be able to get the rate you previously ordered.

Tip: We suggest ordering more than you think you need in case of extra guests or any other mishaps.
You just placed an order and then get an email with a special offer right afterwards? We hate it when that happens, too. Please drop us an email / find the specific email thread for your order and we’ll sort it out for you as long as you have placed the order 48 hours before the offer start.
Yes, as long as it has not gone into printing yet. Keep in mind extra charges may occur depending on which paper type or envelope you select.
Yes, as long as it has not gone into printing yet. Keep in mind changes must be within the limitations of the design and extra charges may occur when choosing a different finishing.
Yes, you can cancel an individual item in an order without canceling the rest of the orders as long as the order has not proceeded to the printing stage. To make a cancellation, go to my account and follow the following steps.
Please check our cancellation policy for more details
You may change the foil colour before the printing stage; however, keep in mind that certain foils may incur an extra invoice, which will need to be settled before production begins.
Shipping & Delivery
We understand that sometimes your needs suddenly change or tight deadlines arise. But great design takes a little bit of time! Although we do not offer an option for quicker turnaround, we will do our best to complete your order as quickly as possible with updates along the way.

Keep in mind we can only print once your digital proof is approved so be sure to review it as soon as it’s ready.

If your order is still in progress, you can make changes to the shipping address. Please send us an email ( with the order number and new delivery address.
The following countries are eligible for Papermint’s flat shipping fare of AUD15:
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Most Asian countries
However, we can arrange shipment anywhere in the world. Let us know where you are and we will invoice you separately any extra charges that may incur.

The following is the listed regions we deliver to:
Region Shipping Fare in AUD
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and most of Asia except for Myanmar, Macau and North Korea 1 15
West Europe & Russia Federation 2 20
Central - North America & East Europe 3 25
Middle East & South America 4 30
The rest of the world 5 35

* The cost of delivery above is only for single delivery. If you would like two delivery batches, simply double the amount.

**The cost of shipping does not include any customs, fees, duties, or other taxes. Papermint will not be able to determine what, if any, additional fees may be charged for delivery of an international package. You will be responsible for paying any additional costs yourself.

*** There are some countries that our freight forwarder cannot deliver to.
Delivery time will depend on the country. If you are in Australia & New zealand, the delivery will take 3-5 days. As soon as we’ve packaged your order and prepared it to ship, we’ll send you a tracking number to check on the delivery progress. If you need to calculate the delivery time to your schedule please drop us an email ( and let us know where are you located.
Envelopes & Addressing
Papermint is proud to be a part of your special event. The Papermint logo is printed on the back of all envelopes. We do not have the option to remove, change, or replace the logo from the design.
You will be able to purchase more envelopes without having to buy extra cards. If your order has not been delivered yet, you can increase the quantity of envelopes. Do keep in mind that envelopes with guest and return addresses printed may postpone the delivery date.

Our tip is to always order more envelopes. Especially if you plan to handwrite the guest addresses.
Order Status
Once you place an order we will do our best to keep you updated with the progress. We will notify you of the progress regularly via email. But the best way is for you to regularly check your account for the latest updates just in case you miss the notifications. Also, please remember to add our email address to your “Not Spam” list.

If you are looking for information about how long it will take to get your printed suite delivered to your doorstep, the following is what you need to know:

Design Phase
Creating your digital proof might take one to two business days and may take a couple of revision rounds before final approval. In some instances, three to four rounds of revision are required, which will add more time to the process. Please keep in mind that the timeliness and quality of your feedback will also determine the speed of the design phase. The design phase ends once you've provided approval to print the artwork and settled any outstanding invoice that may incur (e.g upgrading paper type or quantity). During this phase, you'll be able to customise any design components.

Once the design phase is completed, our design team will prepare the materials and begin printing. Depending on the design you choose, it may take 4-10 working days to complete the suite. Digital print takes 4-5 working days at most, while other special finishings may take up to 10 working days. Although we do not have a rush service, please notify us during your digital proofing so that we can do the best to cater to your urgency. During this stage, you cannot change the design, nor cancel the process. If you do need to make adjustments, please immediately contact our consultant. Shipping
We only have one type of delivery right now. Delivery time will depend on the country. If you are in Australia & New zealand, the delivery will take 3-5 days. As soon as we’ve packaged your order and prepared it to ship, we’ll send you a tracking number to check on the delivery progress. If you need to calculate the delivery time to your schedule please drop us an email ( and let us know where are you located.
We have established a rigorous quality check to prevent something like this to happen. However, there are some instances beyond our control and occasional human-error, so we sincerely apologise if it has happened to you.

Please contact our consultant with all the details and we will resolve the issue as quickly as we can or send an email to
Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll sort it out for you. Please drop us an email ( ) and one of our consultants will be in contact to help you finalise the order.
If you can’t find a design suited your taste, but would still like to use our services, select our Make a Request page and we will help you to create a design you’ll love. We will provide you with a free design consultation and guide you throughout your journey. Don’t worry it’s obligation free! Note: the best way to communicate is through visual references. You may upload images or provide us with reference website links.
There is no limit to what we can print on letterpress design. Classical dark colours are usually our clients favourite and sometimes vibrant neon colours for those peculiar taste. Do keep in mind light colours are not recommended for text and small body text works best on darker colours.
Unfortunately, you will need to make a payment before our design team can begin creating your digital proof.
Design proof should be ready within 2 to 3 business days once you’ve placed an order. Our consultant will be in contact with you via email as soon as the first round design is ready for your revision. Your order status in the My account should also indicate that you will need to act upon the brief. Also, please remember to add our email address to your “Not Spam” list.
We understand that great design ideas can come anytime. If you change your mind in some aspect of the design please send our design consultant an email (you should be getting your first design brief by the least). Alternatively you can email us on Here’s your chance to ask for a different colour, to move text, correct a typo, or make any other adjustments.

Once we received the latest brief you will receive another digital proof for review within 1-2 days, or you could tell us to go to production straight away. Please mind that each round of feedback will delay the delivery date. If the change request came after the production has started, it may incur additional cost depending on the case.
If you would like to speak to your designer in regards to any design aspect, you may contact them using the email thread you first received your design revision, or if you could not find the thread simply email to (please add the name of the designer). Depending on the designer’s availability, the response time could be between 1-2 working days.

For all other questions regarding your order, such as shipping, promo codes, and order status, please contact us to speak to a member of our customer support team.

How long does it take to produce each round of design proofs / feedback?
It varies depending on your design request. If you like a design directly from our site, it will usually take a day or two to produce (depending on our job queue). More complex design requests will take longer, ranging between 2-3 days. Once the design process phase is complete, the customer usually takes 3-4 days to review the first revision, and then this gradually shortens as we move towards the final stage. Don’t worry, we will always keep track of your timeline and remind you of impending tasks.
Customisation Options
Yes you can! We can change the content of your stationery with the information of your choice. Simply fill in the Special Requests box (as shown below) when supplying your contents. Please allow us time to get back to you with a digital proof for review.
A reverse design refers to the additional printing on the back of your card. During customisation, you can tick the box to indicate whether or not you want the backer to be printed.

For designs with a reverse side
If you don't like the reverse that we provided for that design, use the Special Requests box to ask for alternative reverse design options. If your request requires significant design work, there may be an additional cost associated. Once we confirm with you in regards to the charges you will need to settle the invoice before we proceed with the printing.

For designs without a reverse side
We can create a reverse for designs that do not have one; however, there will be additional charges for the design and for the print production. Simply use the Special Requests box to brief our designer of the reverse design you desire.
Some designs come with an alternative colour palette; however, if you have another colour in mind, simply drop us a message in the Special Requests box. The more detailed, the better (i.e. Pantone, hex, CMYK, or RGB colour values).Please keep in mind that some designs, such as watercolour or realistic-looking flowers may have limitations in changing colour.
In addition to our standard square and rectangular cards, Papermint offers five additional trims (die cutting) for your cards and invitations. The trims that are available for any particular design are displayed while you are personalising the design. You can only select a shape from those that are displayed.

If you however desire a custom die cut, do send us an email about the shape. Extra costs will incur as we need to create a custom-made blade for the cutting. Also keep in mind there is a chance that the design will need to be reconfigured heavily to suit the desired shape.
Most customisations will not cost you. The following list shows what our designers could do for you:
  • Moving or changing the size of images and text
  • Additional font options
  • Adding or resizing text
  • Additional colour options for design elements
  • Changing background colours
  • Custom font colour
  • Basic photo retouching and colour correction
  • Minor design adjustments
For more complex requests, our design team is happy to further help with customisation. In these cases, additional fees may incur. We will assess your request, then contact you to confirm any additional fees prior to design proof production.

The following list is what our designer could do for you, but extra charges may incur
  • Changing foils on a design (for ornaments, not text)
  • Additional design elements (include a new flower)
  • Custom icons, artwork, or motifs (personalised monogram)
  • Major layout changes
  • Extensive photo edits
  • Hand-drawn text and graphics
Can I include custom maps on the direction card?
Yes it is possible to include a custom map in the direction card to help your guests find their way around. We will work with you to create a map that is both visually informative and matches your selected design theme. However depending on the complexity of the map extra charges may incur.
Yes it is possible to include a custom map in the direction card to help your guests find their way around. We will work with you to create a map that is both visually informative and matches your selected design theme. However depending on the complexity of the map extra charges may incur.
Photos & Text
While we are waiting for our engine to be ready where you can freely change the font in your design, you can choose the fonts that we have in our font list. Keep in mind that we have more fonts in our library. So if you have any font that you like upload an image so we could search them in our font library.
As long as you can type it, we can print them! We will gladly print any language you request. When placing an order, use the Special Requests box to let us know that you are requesting a language change. Our design team will then send you an email with instructions on how to transfer the body text. In some instances, we might require you to supply your own font file where we’ll assume that you own the right to use it.

Please keep in mind, we might not be able to help you with typos and word choices in the language that you want. Be sure to double check for any errors when you are approving your digital proof.

If you would like to print both English and non-English invitations, you will need to place two orders.
Envelopes & Addressing
Papermint’s envelope liners can be purchased as a matching accessory with most cards and invitations. They will come already glued to the inner side of the envelope. If you choose liners, all of the envelopes you order will include this detail.
Yes, we can. When purchasing the envelopes, please tick “Print your mailing address on envelope” for your mailing address to be printed on the back of your envelope and tick ”Print guest(s) address on envelope” for your guests’ addresses to be printed on the front of your envelope. Currently, we only print on white and ivory envelopes. We can also enhance your mailing address with a foil finishing upon special request.
Can you print envelopes in colour?
We currently digitally print on our envelopes. So as long as the envelope selected is white or ivory, please let our designer know in the design brief that you would like it printed in colour. You can even request a design to match the theme of your stationery set.
x Preview currently unavailable for Special Finishing, Foil and Die cut. Order Sample Kit to see, touch and feel our products.